Pre-Abortion Considerations

If you are thinking about having an abortion, please read through these pre-abortion considerations first.

Only you can make this decision. During the decision making process, it is important that you feel both educated and empowered with information about abortion.

We are here to answer your questions and provide information as needed. Our clinic has licensed medical professionals and we can offer important facts about your body and provide information to answer your questions.

What are the different types of abortion and abortion procedures?

As you’re thinking through pre-abortion considerations, it’s good to know the two types of abortion: Surgical Abortion and Medical Abortion. 

Surgical abortion procedures are conducted in a doctor’s office. There are three main types of surgical abortion: Aspiration Abortion, Dilation and Evacuation Abortion (D&E Abortion), and D&E Abortion after Viability.  

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. The D&E Abortion after Viability is especially risky to the patient, as this procedure occurs 21-weeks after the last menstrual cycle.  

Medical abortion is also known as “the abortion pill” or “abortion with pills.” Another common name for this method is “at-home abortion,” because in most cases the medication is prescribed by a doctor and administered by the patient at home.  

Medical abortion involves two medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are taken in separate intervals. These drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, however, there are also risks and side effects associated with this method.   

What should I consider before taking the abortion pill? 

  • Is the pregnancy viable? 
  • Are you sure it is not an ectopic pregnancy? 
  • How many weeks along are you in your pregnancy? 
  • What are all your options?
  • Who will be your support system? 

To learn more about these procedures, please review our Abortion Information page.

What is a medical verification of pregnancy?

It is recommended to get a medical verification of pregnancy—this is the most reliable pregnancy testing you can receive.

Having a consultation with a medical professional will allow you a safe place to consider your choices. Please schedule a free and confidential pregnancy test at our clinic today.

Learn more about the different kinds of pregnancy testing on our website here.

How many weeks are you into your pregnancy?

How far along you are will impact every decision you make. “How many weeks pregnant am I?” is also one of the first questions you should ask yourself. The gestational age of your pregnancy will determine if you are eligible for a medical abortion, also known as the abortion pill. Find out how far along your pregnancy is today by scheduling a medical verification of pregnancy

Learn more about pregnancy week-by-week and gestational age on our website here.

Is the pregnancy viable?

Did you know that nearly 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage? Eighty percent of these occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. [1] An ultrasound can help confirm the pregnancy’s viability if you have a positive pregnancy test.  

What is an ectopic pregnancy? Why could taking the abortion pill be a problem?

According to the medical industry an ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that happens outside of the uterus. This occurs when a fertilized egg implants in a structure that can’t support its growth. An ectopic pregnancy often occurs in the fallopian tube. The fallopian tube is a pair of structures that connect the ovaries and uterus.  

The abortion pill is not prescribed to be effective for an ectopic pregnancy. Because an ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening, you should seek medical verification of the pregnancy, expected or unexpected, as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant or if you have ectopic pregnancy symptoms. Learn more about ectopic pregnancies here.

Who is your support system?

You deserve a safe space to sort out your options. Part of that safe space is with a medical professional. The other part is your support system. You have friends and family that you can trust. Reach out during this time, let them love you, and speak into your life.   

If you need someone or need support, please contact us. We want to walk with you through this time and help you get through this healthy and whole.  

Online searching and tele-health will only get you so far during your pre-abortion considerations. You deserve the best standard of care and the ability to speak with someone who understands what you are going through.  

You deserve to have free medical verification of your pregnancy and to be treated with dignity and respect. You deserve a safe space to talk through your options. The more you know, the more confident you will make your decision. Review your results in a confidential, secure, professional environment. When you ask us questions, you will get truthful information. 

Our services are free and will save you hundreds of dollars. There is no need for insurance or income verification. We are here to support you through this time, and being able to afford personalized information like this shouldn’t be a concern you have. The services we provide will give you the insights you need to make your decision. 

The information provided is not intended to treat or diagnose.  As with any medical concern, medication, or procedure please meet with a medical professional in person.  If you are having an emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room. 

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